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Our Founders Statement on the OnlyFans News

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Last night, I went to bed frustrated with OnlyFans, but confident in the plan that Label X Media has developed. We were always aware that OnlyFans was considering doing what so many people and companies do to sex workers; use them when they need to and then discard them, abandon them or throw them out like some kind of trash when the moment has passed.

Sex sells. We all hear that phrase and take it at face value, but who does it sell for? In years past, in decades and centuries past, it frequently sold for a pimp, a studio, a madam or a corporation. Today, the internet allows creators and sex workers to earn directly from their followers and fans by removing the middle person (I struggled not to say middleman there - but yes, frequently, a man selling a woman’s body). There is honor in providing a platform that places the power in the hands of the creators, and takes it from the pimps. Again and again, companies in the adult industry exploit sex workers while it is convenient, discard them when it isn’t.

I want us to be in a different place. I want sex workers to be able to earn money without someone else controlling their bodies. I want the industry to respect the creators first. I want the money going where it should - to the people doing the work. There is honor in what we in the sex industry do, in what we provide to people. It is a service that has stood the test of time and will stand the test of time.

Between now and October first, my commitment to every one of our clients, to the industry, and to every single creator, client or not, is that we are here for you. We have a plan for creators who make (made?) $50 a month on Onlyfans and creators who make $150,000 a month on Onlyfans. Label X Media will always first and foremost be a company that works with adult creators and that supports the adult industry. This is what we were built for, this is what we will be as long as our clients see fit to stay with us.

This is going to be an interesting few weeks but we are ready to stand with all of you. I hope you will reach out if there is anything we can do to help, even if you just want to ask how to set up Just For Fans.



Three months ago I decided I had enough of the SFW (whatever that means) side of new media. Many of the clients I had didn’t align with my personal ethics, and I was no longer proud to be putting out the media I was creating. I got into new media with a passion to help individual creators take control of their lives, build communities, and make media they were proud of. When I sat down and thought about where my career should go I realized that adult creators were doing the same thing, but in a more honest way, many of them with personal ethics that aligned with mine.

I knew OnlyFans was not going to last forever. What I did not expect was to begin building a company where many of my clients primary revenue stream would be yanked out from them before our launch party.

Watching what is being done to adult creators has only done MORE to convince me I am on the right path. I don’t know exactly what the industry is going to look like in 5 years, but I do know I am going to do everything I can to make sure that the power falls into the hands of the creators, the sex workers, the incredible people who are the only reason any of these platforms make money.

I was there when Vine ended. In fact, I had boxes packed, a realtor in Los Angeles and a contract about to be signed to become a full time production designer for a vine star. The end of that led my career down a great path and while it was hard at the time it did work out for me.

This is not Vine though. This hurts more than Vine did, because this is only happening because the world thinks it is ok to exploit sex workers with one hand while they jerk off to them with the other.

In the short term we can help our clients move to other platforms, keep their revenue streams going and diversify their online presence.

In the long term I hope Label X can work to empower even more people who want to do this important work. Work that provides people an escape, some joy and light in their darker days. Work that connects communities of people who gain so much by seeing other people like them, or people who like what they like.

The difference between Label X and a lot of other businesses is that we are here for the sex workers. I have been in traditional media and I could have stayed there. Instead I chose this path and I can tell you with 100% certainty we won’t be abandoning it.

I know I have a lot to learn, but every email I get from a music licensing service, or web host that tells me I can’t use their service along side porn just makes me more determined. I am dedicated totally to bringing the services available to the rest of the new media industry to adult creators. Maybe this is even an opportunity to do it better than they have. If businesses won’t work with us, we will find people who will. Those people will be better people anyway. Lets take control and build something we all can be proud of.


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