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How to stream with OBS on OnlyFans

Streaming is a great way to connect with fans, build an audience, and have a little fun online. Unlike your more highly produced content which might require a lot of prep and then post production, a stream can be a low stress way to work content into your posting schedule... once you set it up that is!

For a good how-to guild about streaming in general and setting yourself up with OBS, I recommend this article from The Verge.

To get your stream key on OnlyFans you want to click on your profile photo, then go to Settings (not Streaming, which is in the menu right below Settings). Near the bottom of the left sidebar you will see "Streaming." Once you click on that you will find your OBS key along with some other streaming options. This is the key you need to stream with Streamlabs OBS as well, if you choose to use that software instead of original OBS. That should be all you need to get started streaming on OnlyFans!

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