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Meet Us

We’d like to introduce you to some of the people
who make Label X Media what it is today.

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Annie Clancy

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Annie got her start in traditional theatre.  She graduated Emerson College in Boston with a BFA in theatre design technology and spent several years working as a stage hand and theatrical lighting designer. 


In 2009 she moved to the Los Angeles/Las Vegas area to pursue an interest in live television broadcast.  Around the same time her blog, originally a side project, went viral.  Managing her blogs social media (and monetizing it) as well as connecting with other new media content creators was an eye opening experience.  Through this all she saw the opportunity to work on the production side of new media content creation and social media management.  Combining the fast paced nature of theatre and the ever changing and always interesting landscape of television, she fell in love with new media.  

Never missing an opportunity to learn more about the industry, she has sprinkled a bit of traditional media production into the last 11 years, producing a feature length documentary and working as a personal assistant to new media and traditional media personalities.  She is passionate about helping creative people translate their visions to the world.

Over the last few years she has worked producing "Reality TV" series in the new media space for large Las Vegas casinos and a major sports league.  These videos have accumulated tens of millions of views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, but views are not everything, and she knew she needed a change.

Annie believes above all else, you must be proud of the media you are putting out into the world.  She is not afraid to say that independent adult content creators tend to align with her morals and goals in a way that large corporations and professional sports leagues do not.

Jay Metcalf

From the young age of 9, Jay has been building and growing small businesses, starting with a lawn mowing business and a paper route in rural Ohio. During his teenage years, Jay bought auctioned storage units and learned how to sell the contents at local markets.


Jay graduated from Miami University with a degree in philosophy and communication. Jay also received executive management training in the retail industry and continued on to graduate studies in the areas of mediation and negotiation. Since then, Jay has created, built and sold dozens of small companies doing everything from selling adult toys online to professional services like executive search and small business consulting. 


In the last 2 decades, Jay has worked with small and micro businesses all over the country helping them create the business infrastructure they need to be successful. Regardless of the business line, he has been able to help owners get legally and tax compliant. From there, he has helped them grow revenue through traditional as well as innovative marketing strategies that drive results.


In the adult industry, Jay created a successful online business selling adult toys and has recruited adult performers for online and audio projects. Jay strongly believes that adult creators should be proud of the art they produce and comes to Label X Media with a strong determination to bring professionalism and increased revenue to creators in the new media space.

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